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Testimonial from Albert Rabb, Workers’ Compensation Client

July 26, 2016by jerryreardonlaw

Albert Rabb sustained a life changing injury while working for the State of South Carolina.   He realized he would never return to work again and needed an aggressive and experienced attorney to represent him in his workers’ compensation claim.

“I have worked my entire life using my hands and back to provide for my family.  When I lifted that 75 pound of concrete and felt my back snap, I knew I was seriously injured.  I didn’t know who to call or how I was going to handle my workers’ compensation claim.    My wife told me to call Mr.  Reardon to help me, and as always she was right!   Mr. Reardon came to our house late one night to meet us and explain the workers’ compensation claim process.  I hired him immediately and today I know it was the best decision.  He did everything I asked him to do.  He made the insurance company pay me a weekly check, provide medical care, and at the end of my case, a significant settlement for my permanent injuries.  His office was professional, caring, and always available to take my call.   Thank you Mr. Reardon.’ 

If you have a workers’ compensation claim and need an attorney who will fight for you, then call the Law Office of Jerry Reardon for a free consultation 803-602-5242.  rabb fam