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Family Injured by a Careless Driver, Hires Reardon to Fight For Fair Compensation

July 26, 2016by jerryreardonlaw

The Reid family was returning from vacation when they were hit from behind by a careless, texting, and distracted driver.  The insurance company did not respond fairly or return their calls.  The family hired the Law Office of Jerry Reardon to represent them in their claims. Mr. Reardon immediately filed a lawsuit against the driver to get the case moving in the right direction and out of the hands of the non-responsive insurance company.   The driver disregarded the suit, failed to hire an attorney, and went into default.  Mr. Reardon took their case to a hearing and they were awarded a substantial judgment for their injuries.  “Mr. Reardon took all the right steps to help us receive the money we deserved from this careless, texting, and distracted driver.  We made the right decision in hiring an aggressive and experienced lawyer to help our family.  If you need someone to act in your best interests, respond to your calls, and treat you with respect, then call the Law Office of Jerry Reardon.’

If you been a victim of a car wreck caused by a careless driver, call the Law Office of Jerry Reardon to help you.  Call today for a free consultation at 803-602-5242.

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