“I knew I was in for a fight, so I called Jerry to help me.”

June 26, 2018by jerryreardonlaw

Mrs. Martin believes her guardian angel was watching out for her on December 5, 2016. “I was working at my desk, like any other normal day, when I heard a loud crash.  Suddenly, walls were falling all around me, my desk was toppled over, and I was knocked to the floor.  I felt tremendous pain all over my body and when I looked up from the rubble I saw a car was in the building and on top of my leg.  I was inches away from losing my life.”  

Mrs. Martin was forced to undergo multiple surgeries, rehabilitation, and subsequently counseling for her near-death experience. The at-fault driver’s insurance company denied responsibility for covering Mrs. Martin’s medical expenses, lost wages, and injuries. “I knew I was in for a fight, so I called Jerry to help me. He was highly recommended by a friend and he was fantastic. He was responsive, accessible, hardworking, and he did not quit fighting for me until we won. The insurance company accepted responsibility and paid their liability limits after The Law Office of Jerry Reardon filed suit. I recommend Jerry Reardon to everyone who needs a fighter in their corner.’